csTimer version 2015.8.3 - Professional Speedcubing/Training Timer

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csTimer is designed for speedsolving cuber. It supports scrambles of many types of puzzles include all the WCA's official puzzle; It integrated with Xcross solver and eoline solver; It supports time statistics, multi-phase timming and several functions supported by other similar software such as: 15s' inspection defined by WCA, etc.

The timer works well on most browsers, such as: chrome(recommend), firefox, opera, IE7+. And it also works on ipad, iphone and most of the Android platform.

--- Written by: Shuang Chen (cs0x7f@gmail.com)
--- UI designed by: Yue Zhang (liebe7@126.com)



csTimer has been tested on Firefox, Chrome and Safari. And it also works pretty well on ipad(tested by oyyq).




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